YooRecipe End Of Life


YooRecipe comes to an end as I do not have time to maintain it anymore. Subscriptions are now closed starting from Sep 27. SUPPORT REMAINS ACTIVE FOR ACTIVE SUBSCRIBERS.

All the best!


Getting Started

YooRecipe Installation

YooRecipe step-by-step Installation process. Follow the Guide!

Create your menu items

Now you have created your categories and recipes, it is time to build your website structure: let's take a look at YooRecipe menu items

How to migrate to YooRecipe 5.0?

We just achieved an important milestone with YooRecipe 5.0. Updating from previous versions should be painless. However, reading the manual might be helpful...

How to migrate to YooRecipe 3.5.0 or above

The migration procedure described in this article MUST BE followed for all users who run a YooRecipe version under 3.5.0 and wish to upgrade to 3.5.0 or above.