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YooRecipe comes to an end as I do not have time to maintain it anymore. Subscriptions are now closed starting from Sep 27. SUPPORT REMAINS ACTIVE FOR ACTIVE SUBSCRIBERS.

All the best!


How to migrate to YooRecipe 5.0?

We just achieved an important milestone with YooRecipe 5.0. Updating from previous versions should be painless. However, reading the manual might be helpful...

Important Notice/Disclaimer

  • Starting from YooRecipe v5.0.0, only Joomla 3.x versions are supported.
  • YooRecipe 5.0.0 installation program erases all files located under /administrator/components/com_yoorecipe and /components/com_yoorecipe. This means that all the modifications you made on core files will be lost.

We could not be held responsible of your website getting down.You have been warned!


  • Download all required extensions from download sections
  • Put your website offline
  • Perform a full website backup (database and files)

Step 1: Install Component

Just upload the zip file as usual. If everything goes well, go on procedure and go to step 2. If you get an error, please gather information and contact support.

Step 2: Install Modules and Plugins

Updating modules is required. Versions less than 5.0.0 cannot work with YooRecipe 5.x. At this stage, there should be no error.

Step 3: Empty your Caches

  • Restart your application server is you use APC cache
  • Empty your Joomla cache if you enabled it
  • Empty your browser cache

Step 4: Migrate Tags and Serving types

Starting from YooRecipe 5.0.0 revision 935, two maintenance scripts have been added in Components > YooRecipe > Maintenance

4.1 Migrate Tags

This operation should be executed once only. It basically copy YooRecipe built-in tags to Joomla tags table. Press the migrate tags button and wait for the page to be reloaded. You are done.

4.2 Migrate Servings Types

Serving types were hardcoded. You now have the possibility to manage them the way you want in a separate screen. Press the migrate Serving types button and wait for the page to be reloaded. Once again, you are done.

Step 5: Perform checks

5.1: Check that Update servers have been installed

Go to Extensions > Extension Manager > Update Sites

You should see something like this.

5.2: Check that recipe tags have been moved to Joomla tags

Assuming you used YooRecipe tags, you should see tags in Components > Tags.

5.3 Check that YooRecipe Servings Types have been created

Before version 5.0, serving types (persons, batches, dozens, ...) were hardcoded. It is not the case anymore. So, please check that migration went well.

Components > YooRecipe > Serving Types

5.4 Check your frontend

Now that critical checks are performed, inspect your frontend. All pages should be displayed correctly. If not, post a message on forum so that we can help.

Step 6: Reindex your content

Assuming you use Joomla Smart Search, you should purge and rebuild your index to keep up with latest improvements.

Step 7: Update component settings

YooRecipe 5 introduces new settings and new configurable layouts.


Option Location Setting name Description
Main Features Tab Seasons type Either display seasons as a 12 months list or 4 seasons
Recipes Tab Recipes Layout The type of layout to use for displaying a recipes list
Recipes Tab Recipe Layout The type of layout to use for displaying a recipe
Recipe Tab Cholesterol Whether or not Cholesterol contained in recipe should be displayed
Search Use stemmer Whether or not you want to drastically optimize search using a stemming algorithm
Search Search by cuisine Whether or not you want to display a Cuisine filter in search page
Recipe Edition Tab Cholesterol Whether or not Cholesterol contained in recipe should be displayed in recipe frontend form


Step 8: Give a value to new recipe fields

Recipes structure has evolved in YooRecipe 5. These fields have been added:


Column name Description
use_slider TINYINT(1) Makes it possible to display quantity converter on a recipe basis
cholesterol DOUBLE The cholesterol amount in recipe (in mg)

You can run mySQL scripts to update your recipe database accordingly.

Step 9: Install new extensions

Starting from YooRecipe 5.0.0, the following extensions are available:

  • EasySocial Profile Application
  • JomSocial MyRecipes Profile Plugin
  • JomSocial MuFavourites Recipes Profile Plugin
  • YooRecipe - JomSocial integration plugin (writes stream, give points to JomSocial Users when YooRecipe actions are triggered)
  • JomSocial - YooRecipe integration plugin (stream rendering plugin in JomSocial)

At the time these lines are being written, documentation for these new extensions has not been written yet.

  • Thursday, 04 June 2015

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