Hello YooRecipe Users,

YooRecipe 5.0 is on its way. We are currently redesigning the meal planner to make it... outstanding!

We are glad to release a bug fix version.

Release notes

  • Evolution: [Recipe cration] Cancelling recipe creation now leads user back to his cookbook
  • Bug fixed: [Nutrition Facts] Per Servings was not correctly saved
  • Bug fixed: [Nutrition Facts] Ordering of nutrition facts is now more logical
  • Bug fixed: [Multi language recipe] It is now possible to associate a recipe with all languages

Have a super day!


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Dear YooRecipe Users,

After quite a long period of stabilization for YooRecipe, I take advantage of this post to make important announcements.

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Dear YooRecipe Users,


We just released a light update of YooRecipe that fixes a navigation bug in my Cookbook menu item. We take a few days off and will start a new dev cycle in the coming months!

Version 4.3.9, Feb 27, 2015

  • Bug fixed: My Cookbook. Particular chaining of actions was leading user to recipe creation form, regardless user action

Have fun! - Sylvain

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Dear YooRecipe Users,

We are pleased to announce that YooRecipe 4.3.8 is available. This light update brings some improvements and fixes a sh404SEF bug.

  • [Recipe Form] Added serving_size field for nutritional data (how much quantity of food nutrition info is given)
  • [Recipe Screen] Added use_lightbox parameter
  • [Backend Edit Screen] Improved display for editors

Have a super day!

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Dear Fellow YooRecipe Users,

We are pleased to announce that YooRecipe Community Builder Plugin has been updated. It now works with CB 2.0.5 and comes with two templates. The main purpose of this plugin is to display recipes of a given user on his profile.

Two layouts are available: basic (default) and niceview. Default layout consists in a table whereas niceview displays thumbnails of recipes.


By the way, since 4.3.5, YooRecipe also supports Bulgarian language.

Go on reading to discover release notes!

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Dear YooRecipe Users,

We just released a minor update of YooRecipe, based on users feedback on forum:

  • Evolution: [Recipe] Added sugar in nutrition facts (HOT!)
  • Evolution: [Recipe] Enhanced recipe information display
  • Evolution: [All] QRCodes are now loaded using HTTPS
  • Bug fixed: [Recipe Edit] Alias was displayed twice in SEO tab
  • Bug fixed: [Turkish translation] Error in language tags fixed (all modules and component) (HOT!)

Have fun!

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Dear YooRecipe Users,

We scared ourselves by discovering some well hidden bugs in YooRecipe!! We are kidding...

Discover what changed below: 


  • [MealPlanner] Added menu item param to set the number of days to display in meal planner
  • [MealPlanner] Added back button to mealplanner printout page
  • [MealPlanner] Renamed Print Label to View Label
  • [ShoppingList] Created a User Plugin that creates default shopping list for any new user
  • [Social Sharing] Calling Pinterest using https

Bugs fixed

  • [Shopping list] Shopping lists usable from recipe page using smartphones
  • [Komento integration]: Fixed display bug
  • mod_yoorecipe_timer: Fixed modal display potential bug (4.3.2)
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Dear YooRecipe Users,

YooRecipe 4.3.2 is out!

We added RSS feed to YooRecipe pages, a category filter to my cookbook page and YooRecipe modules now support cache.

Here are the release notes:

  • Evolution: Added RSS feed to yoorecipe pages
  • Evolution: MyCookBook: Added a category filter
  • Bug fixed: Ordering of ingredients was not correctly saved at recipe creation upon certain circumstances
  • Technical: Deletion of old, useless files (maintenance script)


  • mod_yoorecipe: Improved SEO in readmore links (4.3.1)
  • mod_yoorecipe_categories: Added cache management (4.3.1)
  • mod_yoorecipe_favourites: Added cache management (4.3.1)
  • mod_yoorecipe_gallery: Added cache management (4.3.1)
  • mod_yoorecipe_reviews: Added cache management (4.3.0)
  • mod_yoorecipe_search: Added cache management (4.3.0)
  • mod_yoorecipe_single: Added cache management (4.3.1)

Have a super weekend!

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Dear YooRecipe Users,

We are pleased to announce that YooRecipe 4.3.0 is out!

Here are the release notes:


  • Added component option to show/hide page numbers in pagination
  • Added yoorecipe-after-ingredients module position
  • Recipe creation: language is set by default to user locale (frontend and backend)
  • Recipe screen: Added information message in recipe creation screen
  • Recipes can be checkedin from recipes backend screen
  • Reviews are not printedout anymore
  • MyCookBook: Added a category filter
  • Added Norwegian translation
  • mod_yoorecipe: added cache support

Fixed bugs

  • Comments title was displayed in recipe page even if no comment system was used
  • Recipe title was not put in browser title if coming from a menu
  • Tags were added twice in backend
  • User added units were not translated in shopping lists
  • Adding tags in backend was broken for J2.5
  • onContentPrepare php warning fixed in recipe page
  • Conflict fixed when using RokAjaxSearch with YooRecipe


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Dear YooRecipe Users,

You recently reported many bugs we did our best to fix. You are more than encouraged to install this version that fixes several minor bugs.


  • Default number of recipes displayed can now be 4, 8, 12 or 16
  • Joomla standard menu params supported in Yoorecipe menu items (Include Site name in page title, etc)
  • Improved pagination step (2,4,6,8,12,16,20, ...) in order to avoid wasting space at screen
  • Ingredients quantity field moved to a separate section in frontend submission form
  • Landing page header stays the same when browsing recipes by letter
  • YooRecipe YooRecipe Single module: Added parameter to link recipes to a given item menu id

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed bug when description was cut in a middle of an HTML tag
  • Saving tags in backend was not working
  • Updating ingredients in backend was not working
  • Shopping list: Added missing labels
  • Meal Planner: search box was not working
  • Technical: Fixed strict warnings in pagination$
  • sh404SEF Plugin: bugs fixed in mealplanner and shopping lists URLs

Kind reminder to sh404SEF users, please purge your URLs once the new plugin version has been isntalled!

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Dear YooRecipe Users,

We do hope you are having a great summer time. Today, we release a minor version, that mainly fixes bugs and includes new features requested on forum.

  • Evolution: Added option to categories menu item to hide/show recipes of current category
  • Evolution: New menu item: most reviewed recipes
  • Evolution: Frontend recipe submission form: added explicit error message when no ingredient groups are available for your users
  • Bug fixed: Recipes could not be created from frontend in certain conditions
  • Bug fixed: Using pagination position = both was not correctly working with Joomla 3
  • Bug fixed: (sh404SEF plugin 4.2.3) printing out meal plans and shopping lists was not working
  • Evolution: (mod_yoorecipe 4.2.1) Added option to fold/unfold the first accordion item

Edit August 6th: 

  • Bug fixed: (sh404SEF plugin 4.2.4) Added recipe id to avoid duplicate URLs for identical recipe titles

@sh404SEF users: please purge your URLs after having updated!


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Dear YooRecipe Users,

You have been asking for it for quite a while already... We would like to share our happiness with you: YooRecipe now supports Komento and Disqus integration.

We do hope you will appreciate this release!

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Dear Fellow YooRecipe Users,


The team and I are really proud to announce that starting from the 4.0.0 release, YooRecipe now fully supports EasySocial integration.

Simple as ABC, you just need to install our new plugin and follow the online documentation entitled Easy Social Integration

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Dear YooRecipe Users,


Starting from today, YooRecipe now supports Joomla Smart Search.

Simple as ABC, you just need to install the plugin, turn it on and to build your Smart Search index. VoilĂ !

More information here: http://docs.joomla.org/Smart_Search_quickstart_guide

Have a super day,


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Dear YooRecipe Users,

Starting from this version, you can now save/export/import your YooRecipe data to XML format! Convenient when you need to migrate your data from a localhost to production or just for backup purposes.

All bugs fixed in BETA releases have been merged to this release.

Note: Zip extension must be installed on your server. Most hosters provide this widely used php library.

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Dear YooRecipe Users,

In order to improve support & software quality, we decided to propose you beta versions in which bug fixes are included.

The main advantages are:

  • You get patches easily and quickly
  • No more versions each day...
  • Thoroughly tested releases and therefore more stable versions!

Go on reading to know more about versioning policy and beta versions release notes

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Dear YooRecipe users,

No time to rest! YooRecipe 3.8.8 now includes a drag and drop ordering of ingredients.
A backend option (permission to review own recipes) has been added to match everyone's expectations.


Set your default ingredient group

To define which ingredient group should show first, simply go to your backend > Components > YooRecipe > Ingredients Groups and set a default item


Go on reading to discover release notes and list of fixed bugs.

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Dear YooRecipe Users,

YooRecipe's family has grown up! Latest Reviews module has joined the family.
You are now able to display as many reviews as you want sorted by date.

By the way, you have been lots to ask a simpler recipe creation workflow lately.
I do hope you will be satisfied with this release.

Have fun creating (and cooking) recipes.

Release notes

  • Recipe creation and ingredient management: no more ugly modal for ingredients and simplified workflow
  • Reviews - Recipe creators are not allowed to score their own recipe
  • Reviews - Users can immediately see their reviews even if not validated yet
  • Fixed bug in Recipes by Chef menu item
  • mod_yoorecipe_reviews initial release


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Dear YooRecipe Users,
I am pleased to announce that YooRecipe 3.8.6 is out. This version contains more UI tweaks than improvements.
Mainly, a new YooRecipe module position, a YooRecipe timer bug fix, a Yoorecipe Gallery module bug fix. Some of you will appreciate the fact that starting from this version, YooRecipe modules can inherit from CSS customization thanks to CSS class suffixes.
I take advantage of this message to inform you that YooRecipe Team takes a break up in the mountains next week.


    • Added a module position (yoorecipe-after-directions module position)
    • Updated display of get more comments button in recipe page
    • Recipe submission page: moved add ingredient button below ingredients
    • All modules now support the CSS class suffix parameter

Bugs fixed

    • Blank page might have been displayed under J25 when trying to display a recipe Cannot redeclare class JDispatcher ...
    • YooRecipe Timer did not work when recipes were already reviewed by visitor
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Dear YooRecipe users,

Starting from this version, Meal Planner works as expected with Firefox, Chrome, IE9, IE10 and IE11.

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