YooRecipe End Of Life


YooRecipe comes to an end as I do not have time to maintain it anymore. Subscriptions are now closed starting from Sep 27. SUPPORT REMAINS ACTIVE FOR ACTIVE SUBSCRIBERS.

All the best!


YooRecipe potential bugs: how to trouble shoot

It might happen that despite our thorough tests you found a bug. Here are the good pratices to help us solve your issue.

YooRecipe TroubleShooting

Mainly, bugs can find their sources in database, in source code, in technical requirements and in javascript

Is it a javascript error?

All web browsers show you minimum information about errors they encounter. When Javascript code breaks down, you can get a message from browser console.

Is it a database error?

In Joomla, database errors can be displayed at screen or in debug console

Steps to follow

  1. First, gather maximum technical information:
    YooRecipe version
    Can be found in Extensions > Manage
    Joomla version
    System > System Information
    PHP version
    System > System Information > PHP Settings
    mySQL version
    System > System Information
  2. Then, turn your server on debug mode, maximum error reporting
    System > Global Configuration > System > Debug Settings AND System > Global Configuration > Server > Error Reporting
  3. Reload the concerned page
  4. Copy paste the error message in your forum post
Tip! Posting these information in forum helps us identifying your bug faster. By doing so, you get solutions faster.
Firefox Javascript Error Console Joomla Debug Console Joomla System Information
  • Friday, 19 July 2013

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