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YooRecipe comes to an end as I do not have time to maintain it anymore. Subscriptions are now closed starting from Sep 27. SUPPORT REMAINS ACTIVE FOR ACTIVE SUBSCRIBERS.

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Migrate from RapidRecipes to YooRecipe

Here you are. You eventually decided to abandon your good old Joomla1.5 RapidRecipes website to move forward a brand new Joomla3 website? This article is for you.

RapidRecipes Migration Tool Main Features

  • Rapid Recipe to YooRecipe Migration
  • Categories, recipes, pictures, videos, favourites and comments are migrated
  • Simulation mode to simulate a migration
  • DB tools to delete RR and YR data
  • Manual migration is eased thanks to a migration results screen that helps you editing YooRecipe recipes in order to add non migrated ingredients
Known limitations:
  • Categories are migrated, but in a flat way. ie, no parent/children relationship is kept. This part of process remains manual.
  • YR Fields that cannot be populated: nutritional information, cooking time, wait time, preparation time
  • Ingredients are migrated, but with no unit.


Note: Ingredients that cannot be migrated are stored into database for manual migration. Reminder: Manual migration is eased thanks to a migration results screen that helps you editing YooRecipe recipes in order to add non migrated ingredients


  • Joomla 1.6 or above
  • Recent YooRecipe version installed (>= 2.9)
  • If possible, upgrade your version of RapidRecipes to the latest available release
  • RapidRecipe tables present in database
    (#__rr_categories, #__rr_comment, #__rr_configuration, #__rr_recipecategory, #__rr_recipes, #__rr_steps, #__rr_stringreplace, #__rr_user_favourites)

RRMT Installation

RRMT can be installed like any other Joomla extension.
Backend > Extensions > Extensions Manager

You should see a ok message stating the component has successfully been installed

RRMT Menus Presentation

RRMT is basically made of two menu items (Home & Migration Results) and one settings panel.

You should adjust Component settings before any migration attempt or simulation, as RRMT gives you the opportunity to decide what should be done with your RapidRecipes data

RapidRecipes Migration Settings

RRMT comes with a set of options that makes it possible to keep control over the way your data is migrated, as shown in figure below:

RapidRecipes Migration Options
Keep RR Pretty URL
If set to yes, then YooRecipe description field is filled using the Rapid Recipes Pretty URL field. If set to no, then default Joomla alias is used
Fill Description w/
Set the rapid recipes field used to fill in the YooRecipe description field. Can be metadesc, introtext or recipe_comment.
Put comment in prep field
RapidRecipes uses a recipe comment field that has no equivalent in YooRecipe. This option makes it possible to append the RapidRecipes Recipe Comment text immediately after YooRecipe preparation field.
Put videos in prep field
RapidRecipes stores complete HTML code for videos where as YooRecipe only stores the youtube video id. This option makes it possible to append the HTML video code immediately after YooRecipe preparation field.
How your YooRecipe pages should be indexed by crawlers.
Force Ingredient Migration
Advanced users only. The main difference between RapidRecipes and YooRecipe is the way ingredients are stored. YooRecipe splits up ingredients in a separate database table where as RapidRecipes simply stores them in a textarea. When this option is set, RRMT will force ingredient migration which means all RapidRecipes ingredients data will be migrated. However, ingredients that would normally not be migrated will be migrated with a default quantity of 1. To use with extreme caution. Recommended setting: NO. RRMT comes with a manual ingredient migration management you should use for better quality migration

RapidRecipes Migration Dashboard

RapidRecipes Dashboard

The main screen displays information about RapidRecipe database contents and the list of available actions.

Simulate Migration
RRMT will not migrate data but only display the simulated migration results. Depending on how you setup the component, the list of non migrated ingredients is likely to evolve.
Perform the migration
Delete RR Tables
As it stands, delete all rapid recipes tables. This action is irreversible.

We strongly recommend you to perform a database backup before using this tool.

If you see an error screen, please double check the prerequisites list described above. As a reminder, RRMT needs RapidRecipes tables and YooRecipe Component to be installed.

RapidRecipes Migration Process

Once you are done with component settings and simulation, you can proceed to migration.

The migration process might take up to 5 minutes depending on how much data needs to be migrated.

The process is fully AUTOMATIC. Once you launched the migration process you MUST WAIT UNTIL BEING REDIRECTED TO THE RESULTS SCREEN.

RapidRecipes Manual Ingredients Migration

Once the migration is done, some ingredients might have not been migrated.

They are listed in the Migration results screen as shown below:

RapidRecipes Manual Ingredients Migration

This screen displays the migration results and useful information about data migrated.

Ingredients that have not been migrated are listed. The manual migration process is eased thanks to a direct link to YooRecipe recipe.

By doing so, you can finish the migration process at your own pace.

Tip Once you added the missing ingredient(s) to the recipe, you can delete it(them) using the delete action displayed in the last column table.

Welcome to YooRecipe!


If you try migrating from a very old version of RapidRecipes, please make sure to run the following scripts:

ALTER TABLE `#__rr_categories` ADD `pagetitle_overide` VARCHAR( 255 ) NOT NULL ; ALTER TABLE `#__rr_recipes` ADD `publish_date` DATE NULL; ALTER TABLE `#__rr_recipes` ADD `video_embed_code` VARCHAR(255) NULL; ALTER TABLE `#__rr_recipes` ADD `metakey` VARCHAR(255) NULL; ALTER TABLE `#__rr_recipes` ADD `metadesc` VARCHAR(255) NULL;

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