YooRecipe End Of Life


YooRecipe comes to an end as I do not have time to maintain it anymore. Subscriptions are now closed starting from Sep 27. SUPPORT REMAINS ACTIVE FOR ACTIVE SUBSCRIBERS.

All the best!


Picture Upload Manager

YooRecipe comes with its own picture upload manager. Learn more about it here.

Simple file upload Joomla 3.x

To keep things simple, this upload system is the only one available for YooRecipe 3.x versions and above.

How to update upload system settings?


Joomla3 users
There is no need to preoccupy. Simple file upload will be used no matter the Image Upload settings you define.
Joomla2.5 users
Same as J3 users, unless you run a YooRecipe version < 3.x. Access to upload system setting is available here:
Components > YooRecipe > Options > Recipe Edition tab

Security Settings All Joomla Versions

Mainly, 3 options are available: thumbnail width, max upload size & authorized extensions. These options are available in Components > YooRecipe > Options > Recipe edition

YooRecipe Drag And Drop Upload
Resize Picture
Whether or not picture is resized on the fly when uploaded on server. Our advice is to set to No. YooRecipe can generate thumbnails. Creating thumbnails from a good quality image produces nice results.
Resized width
If previous option is set to yes, then YooRecipe will resize the upload picture to the specify width. Proportion is kept intact.
Max upload size
Maximum weight of picture (in kilobytes)
Authorized extensions
A comma separated list of extensions, with no spaces. Case insensitive


Recommendation You should forbid .gif uploads

Legacy: "Old" versions of YooRecipe

Prior 3.5. versions, YooRecipe came with several upload systems: Joomla native file upload, SWF Upload, Drag n Drop & Simple file upload.

They allow your users to upload recipe pictures when submitting recipes from frontend.

YooRecipe Main Settings

Joomla native file upload Joomla 2.5.x

This file upload system relies on Joomla image upload.

SWF Upload Joomla 2.5.x

SWF Upload is a flash based upload system. It allows on-the-fly picture resizing. Its main concern is that it cannot work on apple devices.

Good to know If you decide to use SWF Upload, YooRecipe will detect apple users and propose them default Joomla upload system instead.
Known limitation SWF Upload does not work if sh404SEF component is installed

Drag n Drop Joomla 2.5.x

Based on mootools, this elegant upload system makes it possible to drag a picture in an area. Pictures are not resized

YooRecipe Drag And Drop Upload
  • Friday, 19 July 2013

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